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 Star Fox Members

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PostSubject: Star Fox Members   Thu 18 May - 11:34

Fox McCloud

Gender -- Male
Age -- 27 (at the time of Star Fox: Assault and 18 at StarFox 64)
Height -- 1.73 meters
Weight -- 154 pounds
Homeworld -- Corneria
Position -- Leader of the Star Fox team
Fur color -- Tan and white
Eye color -- Green

Fox McCloud (フォックス・マクラウド, Fox McCloud?) is a fictional character from the Star Fox series of video games. He was created by Takaya Imamura. As his name implies, he is a fox (although anthropomorphized), and the protagonist of the Star Fox series; despite confusion that he was originally understood to be a human whose name was Fox, Imamura has since made it clear that he is indeed a fox. According to Star Fox 64 Player's Guide, Fox's image was modeled after the Japanese god Inari's foxes (kitsune), though they are white while McCloud bears Red fox markings. Fox even wears a red "bib" around his neck, much like the statues at the Inari shrines.

Fox McCloud hails from the planet Corneria in the Lylat System and pilots the Arwing space ship as leader of the mercenary Star Fox team, summoned by General Pepper. He is the son of the James McCloud, founder of the Star Fox team. In Star Fox 64, his father was captured by his archnemesis Andross.

In Star Fox and Star Fox 64, Fox was around the age of eighteen, and was naturally still learning. Now he has become an expert pilot in his late twenties, and is much more confident, as evident in his appearance.

In Star Fox 64, he was voiced by Mike West (contrary to popular belief, Charles Martinet did not provide the voice for Fox, nor was he even involved with the game). In the Super Smash Bros. series, Fox's voices were done by Shinobu Satouchi. For English dialogue of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Star Fox Adventures, Fox's voice was done by Rare's Steve Malpass. In Star Fox: Assault, his voice was done by Jim Walker.

Falco Lombardi

Gender -- Male
Age -- 28 (at the time of Star Fox Assault and 19 at Star Fox 64)
Height -- 1.88 meters
Weight -- 74.84 kilograms
Homeworld -- Corneria
Position -- Ace pilot of the Star Fox team
Feather color -- Blue
Eye color -- Blue [/img]

Falco's past is mysterious, always avoiding conversations of what he did before joining the team. It is known, however, that he is a former member of a gang of Space Hot-Rodders. Falco is seen as the finest pilot of the Star Fox team, possessing a high skill level when at the cockpit of an Arwing. Shortly after the story of Star Fox 64, he left the team. Where he went and why is unknown, but he does reappear again at the end of Star Fox Adventures to save Fox, and subsequently returns to the Star Fox team. He is, once again, an active member of Star Fox in Star Fox: Assault as the Ace-Pilot.

Falco has a rivalry with Star Wolf's Leon Powalski, though the reason for it is unknown. It's possible the two had encountered each other during Falco's days as a gang member. He also has a possible love interest in Katt Monroe (who appears to assist the Star Fox team in Star Fox 64). It is possible the two were in the same gang prior to Falco joining the Star Fox team.

Falco never goes on a ground mission in Star Fox: Assault, probably due to the fact that he is a falcon in the first place and prefers the sky (as he points out in Star Fox 64). A much more obvious reason is that he has the position of "Ace Pilot" on the Star Fox team, so logically he should be in his Arwing for every mission. This is further backed up by a quote of his in Star Fox 64: "I'll take the sky any day!"

Slippy Toad

Gender -- Male
Age 27 (at the time of Star Fox Assault and 18 at StarFox 64)
Height -- 1.63 meters
Weight -- 63.5 kilograms
Homeworld -- Corneria
Position -- Mechanic and pilot of the Star Fox team
Skin color -- Green
Eye color -- Blue

Star Fox
In the first game Slippy is seemingly the greenhorn of the team since he is the least skilled pilot. The fact that he constantly wears a baseball cap, a choker, and stammers also adds to the above. While this game did not have any real voicework, a stylized "chatter" accompanied all characters' messages. Slippy's chatter was fairly deep, and suggested a large, fat character.

Star Fox 64
In Star Fox 64 (Also released as 'Lylat Wars')Slippy takes the role of the team's mechanic, analyzing the bosses and building vehicles such as the Landmaster (tank) and the Blue Marine (submarine). He continues to be a pilot as well. His high-pitched tone of voice was the butt of much ridicule by fans; some speculated that he sucked helium in his spare time, and others questioned whether he was actually a female in disguise. Popular webcomic VG Cats went so far as to openly mock Slippy's androgynous nature.

Star Fox Adventures
Slippy begins inventing things to help on Fox's journey instead of piloting an Arwing. The Binoculars that he sent down wind up in Shabunga's Store who never misses an opportunity to make a profit.

Star Fox Assault
Slippy continues to pilot an Arwing and analyzes the boss, allowing one to see their life gauges. He frequently gets into trouble during missions. If one fails to save him, he will not be able to display the health of the level's boss. It should be noted that he has apparently aged enough to drop the much-ridiculed voice he had in Star Fox 64. In VS. Mode, Slippy is an average-skilled character. He is also the only character to have a full five stars for Landmaster skills in his Character Abilities.

Peppy Hare

Gender -- Male
Age -- 50 (at the time of Star Fox Assault and 42 at Starfox 64)
Height -- 1.70 meters
Weight -- 71.03 kilograms
Homeworld -- Corneria
Position -- General Advisor for the Star Fox team
Fur color -- Gray (formerly brown?)
Eye color -- Red

In the time before the original Star Fox, James McCloud was captured by Andross, and Pigma Dengar betrayed the team. After the investigation, Peppy narrowly escaped Venom, and informed Fox McCloud about his father's fate. He decided to stay with the Star Fox team when Fox McCloud became the team's leader. In Star Fox Adventures, Peppy studied Fox's mission, the locations on Sauria (previously known as Dinosaur Planet), and the ancient records of the planet. He displays the descriptions of the locations and their maps. At the end of Star Fox Adventures, Peppy showed Fox a message from Krystal. Shortly thereafter, Krystal entered the Great Fox and reunited herself with Fox. After Star Fox Adventures, the Star Fox team repaired the Great Fox.

In Star Fox: Assault, Peppy has a near-death experience when he and ROB crash the Great Fox into an Anti-Laser Shield on the Aparoid Homeworld to allow Star Fox to enter the Aparoid Queen's lair. The Great Fox explodes, but both Peppy and ROB escape using an escape craft. When he reunites with Star Fox later, he says that he will really retire. However, fans tend to believe that Peppy will always remain a part of Star Fox, and that he was just joking when he said this. Peppy can be unlocked as a playable VS. Mode character by simply playing VS. Mode 15 times. He isn't the best character choice, but has the highest jump of all at a full five stars in his Character Abilities.

Peppy makes a few cameos in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He appears in a number of cutscenes and the Starfox Dialogue Easter Egg, and you can win a Peppy Hare trophy. He is also one of the more popular choices for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl, though other Starfox characters (Most notably Wolf O'Donnel and Krystal) often overshadow him.


Gender -- Female
Age -- 20 (at the time of Star Fox Assault and not available in StarFox 64)
Height -- Unknown
Weight -- Unknown
Homeworld -- Cerinia
Position -- Telepath of the Star Fox team
Fur color -- Blue
Eye color -- Turquoise

In the original concept of Dinosaur Planet, before it became Star Fox Adventures, Krystal was a feline, only 16 years old, and meant to be playable throughout the game; she was also an orphan, raised by a wizard named Randorn, but no further details were released, and any planned back story was changed to make her fit in the Star Fox universe. While Dinosaur Planet was in development, Nintendo was working on a new Star Fox game set on an unspecified planet in the Lylat System (the setting of the Star Fox series). Progress on this new game was behind schedule (Nintendo wanted to have it ready as a launch title for the GameCube), and the company began searching for other, more complete projects that could be adapted to the Star Fox universe. Nintendo decided to have Rare, Dinosaur Planet's developer, convert their game into a Star Fox title. Large parts of the game had to be rewritten to accommodate Fox McCloud and the new Arwing-based levels, which resulted in Krystal's status being shifted from a central character to a supporting one.

Star Fox Adventures
Krystal's home planet of Cerinia was destroyed, and her parents as well as everyone else on the planet were killed; though when and how this happened have not been revealed, there is a hint that Andross was responsible. While on her quest to find answers, she picks up a distress call and lands on Sauria, where she teams up with a Cloudrunner named Kyte. After an encounter with General Scales and his airship, which results in Krystal losing her staff, Kyte takes her to the Krazoa Palace where she finds several wounded Earthwalkers. By their instruction, Krystal went into the palace and after completing the test of observation, took a Krazoa spirit into her body, and brought it to the spirit platform. When Krystal released it, a stranger snuck up behind her and trapped her in a giant crystal atop Krazoa Palace, someone Krystal has apparently seen before.

Krystal and her CloudRunner in Star Fox Adventures.At this point, General Pepper summons the Star Fox team to investigate the disaster on Sauria, which has Fox McCloud going down to the surface, where he finds Krystal's staff. When he picks it up, Krystal telepathically calls out to him, teaching him how to use her staff, and pleading for his help by bringing the Krazoa spirits back to the Krazoa palace. For the rest of the game, Krystal is left frozen in the gem, until Fox retrieves the last Krazoa Spirit and releases it, shattering the crystal, and freeing her. When she sees Fox, her first instinct is to take her staff back. Overhead, a large Krazoa head is seen floating up, but Krystal believes the head is evil and starts firing at it. Fox takes off in his Arwing to challenge him, and discovers the Krazoa head is really Andross; after defeating Andross, Fox heads back to the palace, only to find Krystal is not there. Back on the Great Fox, Krystal sends Fox a thank you message, and then arrives in person. As ROB 64 sensed, Fox and Krystal started to fall in love, which marks the very end of the story of Star Fox Adventures. Shortly after the events of Star Fox Adventures, she joins the Star Fox team.

Some evidence suggests that the relationship between Fox and Krystal was originally intended to be deeper, and more expressly romantic. While exploring an easter egg in the game—what appears to be a racy pin-up calendar on the bridge of the Great Fox—Star Fox fan Dwight House discovered several clips of unused audio that were cut from the final version of the game. These clips include Krystal's instructions on how to wield her staff (given in English instead of the Saurian language), Fox's refusal to leave Sauria without rescuing Krystal first, and several lines spoken by Krystal and directed toward Fox. Of these, the most compelling is a line she speaks after Fox asks her to join the Star Fox team: "I'll only join... if you'll kiss me." The words spoken by Krystal before he releases her were originally spoken in English, but in the final version, they were spoken in the Saurian language.

As noted above, the transition from Dinosaur Planet to Star Fox Adventures resulted in Krystal's role in the game being severely reduced; Krystal herself is only playable for a short time before being imprisoned by Andross, and remains captive until Fox releases her in the endgame. Also, being recast as Fox's love interest resulted in Krystal's redesign: she was changed from a cat to a fox, and aged a few years (Offical SFAdventure Ages); though she still has the blue fur of Dinosaur Planet's Krystal, and is still several years younger than Fox.

Star Fox: Assault
In Star Fox: Assault, Krystal doesn't play as large a role as she did in Star Fox Adventures. She now flies an Arwing and uses her telepathy trait to sense an enemy's presence and weak point, although this telepathy is seldom used and is usually only mentioned in passing. Krystal and Fox behave affectionately toward each other, and Krystal herself is mildly flirtatious.

Star Fox DS
Not much is currently known of Krystal's role in the upcoming Star Fox DS, other than her still being a member of Star Fox, and serving as an 'easy mode' character for beginning players.


Waiting on Super Smash Brothers Brawl !!
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Star Fox Members
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