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 Information Thread: SSBB

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PostSubject: Information Thread: SSBB   Fri 22 Sep - 15:40

Read here our newest information!


Game Title

During E3 2006, the new game in the Super Smash Bros. series was announced to be in development for the Nintendo Wii. The game's title: Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Release Date
Currently there is no specific release date set for this game, though we have been told to expect it "early 2007". This may mean either Q1 or Q2 next year, taking into account any possible delays.

Game Director
Masahiro Sakurai is in charge of this game's production. He has been with the Smash Bros. series since its very beginning with HAL Laboratory.

Confirmed Characters
Mario, from the Super Mario series.

Link, from the Legend Of Zelda series.

Kirby, from the Kirby series.

Pikachu, from the Pokemon series.

MetaKnight, from the Kirby series.

Pit, from the Kid Icarus series.

Samus, from the Metroid series.

Zero-Suit Samus, from the Metroid series.

Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear series.

Wario, from the WarioWare series.

Confirmed Stages
The Halberd, from Kirby Super Star, will be MetaKnight's home stage.

Rumoured Stages
The game's trailer shows many shots from around the same castle. This castle is believed to be from the Fire Emblem series, as flags around the castle appear to have the Daein Crest, a symbol from said series.

An updated version of the Battlefield stage from Melee, this time in a more natural setting but with the same basic layout.

New abilities
Each character now has his or her own special, "super" attack. How these attacks are triggered is currently uncertain, however we know that (for Mario at least) the collection of Smash Icons has something to do with it. There are several confirmed Super Attacks, as follows:

Mario unleashes a barrage of fireballs from one side of the stage to the other, engulfing all on-stage opponents.

Link traps a single enemy between two holographic images of the Triforce, then proceeds to bash them stupid with his sword.

Kirby dons a chef's hat and cooks a single enemy in a boiling pot.
The following attacks have not been confirmed as Super Attacks, however it seems likely that they will be:
Wario's "Wario Waft" is currently the only named move, and it is triggered by a build-up of gas in Wario's stomach resulting in a massive blast of gas that obliterates all opponents.

Samus fires an extremely large shot from her beam cannon, which appears to cover the entire stage is much higher vertically than Samus is. It is currently unknown whether or not using this move triggers the change into Zero-Suit Samus.

Pit shoots a homing arrow from his bow, which selects a single opponent and homes in on him until it connects.

New Items
The Smash Icon, a small glowing ball that bears the Smash Bros. logo, appears to be used to charge Super Attacks. Whether it only has this effect on Mario or on all characters is still unknown.

A large puppy, from the Nintendogs series, appears on-screen and blocks everyone's view of the action. How the puppy will be summoned, and whether different breeds of puppy will be available is still unknown.

Solid Snake and other Third Party Characters
Nintendo shocked everyone when they revealed Solid Snake will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Previously, the Smash Bros. series only included characters made by Nintendo. The inclusion of Snake opens the door for almost any other video game character who is not exclusive to either Microsoft or Sony. Characters who appear on multiple consoles (such as Sonic, Megaman etc) are all possibilities, however there has been no mention of any other third party characters besides Snake.

SSBB and the GCN/Wii Controllers
Sakurai has confirmed that Brawl will be fully compatible with the Gamecube controller so that players do not need to learn the intricacies of a new pad before playing the game. He also stated that "we (the game developers) found that trying to implement too much motion-sensor functionality can get in the way of the game."

Whether the game will be playable with the Wii controller is up for debate.

Unconfirmed Rumours
All of the following are either unconfirmed or purely speculatory.

Young Link will become cel-shaded.

Ridley, from the Metroid series, will be a playable character.

Bowser Jr, from the Super Mario series, will be a playable character.

Mr Game and Watch is out.

Ice Climbers are out.

The Official Site
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl official site can be located here. The site has been updated by Masahiro Sakurai, the game's director. Unfortunately, the game appears to have gone into "closed production", which means little information will be released between major Nintendo events. This is evidenced by the note at the bottom of the site from Sakurai, stating that updates to the site will be slow in the coming months.

Will be updated.


Waiting on Super Smash Brothers Brawl !!

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Information Thread: SSBB
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